How-To: Falcon

So, I have encountered my fair share of Falcons ingame and wanted to give the aspiring Falcon pilot some insight on how to fly the Falon in the most efficient, yet daring way.


1. Try to decloak as close as possible to your opponent.

This one should be the most logical one: The closer you are, the more JAM AWESOMENESS your Jammers will rain upon your foes. Don’t mind the impending doom that is  pretty much everything shooting you when you miss a jam, because you won’t miss a jam. You’re a Falcon! You’re simply awesome! No way someone should be able to shoot you, let alone kill you.


2. Always let yourself get bubbled by your buddy in the Sabre.

This one is a bit advanced, but delves into the psychology of group combat: You want your Sabre buddy to feel safe. You want to project that feeling of safety that a nearby Falcon maintains onto your gang mates (see #1) by simply staying close to your buddies.

Letting yourself get bubbled tells them: “Hey, I am not gonna leave when shit goes awry, I am gonna sticky here until the very end of my re-cloak timer.”


3. Always use all Jammers on your target.

Just to make sure, perhaps something is working as intended bugged and your jammers miss a cycle or two, so just activate them all no matter what for maximum jamming awesomeness!


4. If someone is coming for you, stand still – your jams will easily save you!

Falcons are made of awesome, similarly to Rooks and Scorpions, just slightly more awesome, because, come on, what’s more awesome than a Falcon searing through the skies hunting for its prey?

So when someone is burning for you, simply activate the next best jammer on them and watch him fall apart automatically.


5. There’s an evil foe close to your Sabre buddy? JAM IT!

This one is very important and is closely linked to #2: Make your buddies feel safe! This especially true when people haven’t aggressed yet, because when you jam them after they aggress they won’t be able to just reapproach and jump back out, and, let’s be honest – Falcons are all about fair play.


6. Always decloak before your friends have the opponent tackled.

Fair play, not gonna elaborate on this one. If you need explanation, see #5.



This post is totally not full of mad or butthurt and does not contain any sarcasm or irony.


The Blaster Drake

I was told to fly with some guys from Matari Exodus and Mindlink. on their weekly Wednesday roam featuring RR fitted Harbingers and an Oneiros, and I obliged. We met up in Jita, hit the ten-people-in-fleet mark and decided to step it up a bit and went for .exo.’s now-famed (after their most recent videos) Armor Taloses with two supporting Oneiroses and – as a tribute to missing skills – two utility Hurricanes. Feeling rather ballsy we decided to transit Rancer and pay a visit to the local pirate factions.

Surprisingly they didn’t have a gate camp up when we entered the cluster of low security systems (or at least didn’t show their camp to our eyes) but rather were warping around in an artillery Tornado/Oracle gang with some added Recon spice, about 25 people total. We encountered their gang at a gate and as they were in their optimal decided to quickly warp off as to not their caught in their volleys and they obligingly followed us to the next gate, and even jumped through with us, which is a rather surprising move by their FC.

We quickly killed as many as possible and they left the field rather fast, dealing no noteworthy damage. Not too bad of a start. We then continued our roam to awesomess and snatched a lone Drake on some random gate. Aaaaaand – the end. Nothing else happened. No fights at all. Not even a titan bridge fucking us all over.

Sorry Brian, no BR for you.


Let’s talk about something more interesting instead. I did a roam earlier featuring Logan Durandal in a dualrep Typhoon (he told me he wanted to get rid of it soon™) and myself in an armor dualweb Talos (inspired by Dark Ride VI, even though I had to stop watching if after about five minutes due to it being horrible). We took a quick look into Mara and the surrounding lowsec and tried to bait some people several times but everyone got scared off by the prospect of being shredded by a Typhoon (…) and we went into EC- in the end, where there was Absolution, Taranis and a Cynabal sitting at the Torrinos gate. Former two jumped out as soon as Logan fired a few salvoes at them and the Cynabal watched comfortably from his pounce spot some hundred klicks off the field.

Suddenly a lovely Dominix appeared and got himself caught in the by now indigenous bubbles. With its rather creative fitting it died quickly with Logan only barely whoring himself onto the killmail. We decided to make a run for it and headed over to P3, where we introduced ourselves to a small gang of En Garde, intially comprised of Sabre, Talos and some frigate I can’t remember. Logan jumped in first and got their attention and managed to conjure a Falcon out of thin air. I jumped in, burned to the Falcon and melted it quickly.

We then went on to kill the Talos that had started to deaggress, but it jumped in half structure with me sitting in optimal range of my Ion Blaster Cannons, spewing loads of overheated Void into its poor face. I warped off the gate to a gate spot of myself with a Taranis warping straight after me (they had quick probers it seems), managed to double web it but not to actually point it as well (being busy activating links, cancelling reparing my MWD, panicking, realigning, activating MWD, shooting Taranis, webbing Taranis, launching drones… excuses!) so it warped off when Logan warped to me as well.

We got back down to the gate and they broadened their range of ships with a Curse and a Cane and some assorted interceptors. We shot the Cane into armor but it managed to get a jam cycle on me via its EC-300s and swiftly warped off. We then decided to get moving again as to not get stuck in a horrible blob.


Conclusion: EVE small scale PvP is as dead as always, don’t undock without your personal Falcon.


Fun fact: My Talos is named En Garde.

Fun fact #2: Jumping a Maelstrom and a Dominix with Sleipnir and Hurricane and only two Basilisks for the repairs into a gang of three Fleet Stabbers and two Zealots will NOT get you a fight. Not even a bad one. So fuck you horrible persons and stop ruining small scale, because WE would’ve engaged those cruisers and offered them a potentially good fight!

Ratting the Ratters

Assault Ship time!

We had assembled a small frigate group, sporting two Enyos, Jaguar, Rifter, Firetail, Wolf and myself in a Sentinel and quickly headed north from Hek, right towards BWF-ZZ. A quick peek into Brick Squad territory showed at least two gangs willing to chase us while having having Tier3 and mixed Recons as support themselves so we turned on our heels and went for EOA instead, where we baited a Hurricane into warping down from a safespot, which then quickly got slaughtered.

Moving towards M-O we snitched a daring Taranis just shortly before a PvE trio consisting of Astarte, Rattlesnake and Noctis jumped into us. Due to a misscommunication we only caught the Astarte, but hell, it resulted in a nice 900m ISK kill. I wonder how the Rattle was fitted if even the arguably slightly ineffectively fitted Astarte was worth nearly a billion…

Being only a few jumps out of M-O we decided to head to Taisy to drop the loot and do a short biobreak and then crash the gang against the next best wall, after all the Astarte’s loot would pay for everyone’s ship easily, but against all carefulness managed to surprise a Jaguar fighting a Drake and a Dramiel and put all three out of their respective misery.

So we scooped some more loot into our already rather filled cargoholds and docked in Vuorassi for a short biobreak.

Ten minutes later we were on the M-O gate again, fighting it out against some 0utbreak pilots in Wolf and Slicer, two bombers trying to bomb us and a super cool Jag commenting on our low dps after we stopped shooting him the second time he sat on the gate in jumprange. We managed to lose our Firetail against the Wolf but quickly retaliated our mate.

With our decimated fleet (another pilot had decided to call it a night and had logged) we went on to search a wall and found it next system in form of a dozen bubbles, two Cynabals and Vagabond (and Hawk?), landed right between them, scrambled a Cynabal, stripped him of his shields and were all dead then. Wall found! I love it when a plan works out perfectly!

I also decided it would be a good idea to rewarp to the gate after getting my pod out so I could get podded again… professional.

Shoutout to the two guys from Mindlink. accompanying us, you should check out their most recent video Drone Harassment if you haven’t yet. It’s fucking awesome.

Corpses, Corpses Everywhere!

I had taken out a recently re-discovered nano Drake into northern nullsec territories – I really thought the name Protector would describe a RR HAM Drake of mine! – but had to log out earlier this afternoon to do some other stuff. So I logged back in and set course home, towards BWF-ZZ. After a few jumps my Loki alt had Zealot, Vagabond and Sabre on scan. And about 30 corpses. I wasn’t yet sure what to think about it – a faggot Sabre camp killing frigate pilots came to mind, but I set up my booster on a safespot anyways and willed my Drake to warp to the gate at 50.

Gore literally splattered across my ship’s viewing screens.

Abandoned drones everywhere, a few cargo containers pointed out where proud ships were burning a short time ago. And dead bodies all around me. If dead bodies had collision physics my Drake would’ve been bumped back into the sun. The Vagabond was at a small heap of drones and cargo containers several hundred kilometres off me so I warped there at range and ended up with the Sabre lovingly close next to me, unfortunately not in web range.

I fired a few volleys but had no chance of taking him down before he would burn out of range and decided to brawl the Vagabond, who embraced my webs and came in close nearly all on his own. My shields were already near the 50% mark so I heated my launchers and happily pounded away. My shields failed when the Vaga’s very hull failed and a fiery glare embraced us as I started burning away from the Zealot towards the sun. Unfortunately the Sabre was still pointing me from 20k so I put a cycle of heat to my MWD and put my stasis fields around it the moment it was close enough. Damn, 19k webs are simply awesome.

It died relatively quickely, but in a Drake without shield and no Damage Control there’s only a paper thin layer of steel between death and you so it took ages to brawl the Sabre. The fact that I had lost some drones earlier didn’t help, but when finally its shields failed another single volley catapulted it into hell.

Meanwhile my Drake was burning and I was trailing a clarion of real men’s tank behind me. Fifteen percent structure left encouraged me to warp off quickly.

Damn good fight. With my heart still pumping as if I were about to die I checked the combat logs and was surprised to see the Zealot’s weapon systems:

20:43:44 Combat Yanhamu (Heavy Beam Laser II) hits you for 618 damage


No wonder he hurt so much from 70k away. Should’ve brawled him first I guess?


Destruction Day v2.0

Last night some thirteen brave souls met up in Devoid, fired up their Destroyer’s engines and set course Curse. Into the deeps of the nullsec region probably most renowned for countless faggots. Not much to note here, a Rokh jumped into us at some point and smartbombed most of us. Being short a few hulls we reshipped in highsec and this time moved into the FW lowsec nearby, going North quickly, with BWF-ZZ gleaming on the horizon.

We ganked a Harbinger on the way, lost someone to CONCORD after he jumped into Highsec with GCC but still moved rather straight towards Nullsec. We all jumped in, warped to the station and stirred some locals. Back on the gate we found a Brick Squad Armageddon with Cynabal and Wolf a few hundred clicks off and quickly dived in for the kill. Tearing the battleship apart we also went rampage on a Rapier foolishly enough to come within fourty kilometres and melted a Drake testing its tank against the furious guns of a dozen Destroyers. The guns won (ignore everything not-Destroyer on the right side… BR is a bit messed up).

Scooping the loot, mainly the Rapier’s faction web, we reshipped in Jita – now paid for by Brick Squad – and went towards LXQ2-T. Unfortunately, a number of pilots had to leave so we were down to about seven ships, which is actually still quite a formidable number of dps when you are in someone’s face. In LXQ we found a bunch of Russians in Vaga, Fleet Stabber, Wolf, Drake and Hurricane hugging their homestation so we sat at 100k for a bit and exchanged angry stares. We did some warping and managed to lure Drake and Hurricane to a gate, jumped through, the Drake aggressed and we crashed the gate, jumped back into LXQ and wiped the floor with the Hurricane.

With freshly boosted morale I warped us back to the station, where we sat for a few moments until the Drake from earlier warped at us with the Fleet Stabber burning off the station towards us.

There was a cyno frig’s wreck right next to the wolf at the station undock, so we rained down onto the Wolf and Vagabond and literally ripped them apart and forced them to dock, with now only Drake and Fleet Stabber remaining. The Drake was sitting at about 90k distance but the Stabber was closing in fast so we went for the Stabber, resulting in several dead Destroyers and a dead Stabber. The undocked Hurricane was only making it more fun killing the Stabber right under their noses.

Again an incredibly enjoyable roam. Thanks to everyone flying with or against us, shoutout to Brick Squad to paying for the LXQ massacre (scroll down)!


Fly reckless, gentlemen.

Stuff – August ’12 Edition

Mesh Marillion (the Guardian dual boxing chap of Rooks and Kings) did a PodCast including me as a guest. We talked mostly about ASBs and a bit about recruitment, but all of it is in German. For the interested Germans here the link to the announcement on his blog, Swords and Spaceships: Click.

There’s also gonna be a Newbie Fleet (German, again!) at some point during the week of 27th, details will be posted in the relevant channels.

Being Bad On A Professional Level

Admittedly, this post is somewhat a rage post, but I guess that’s alright for a blog. So, there was me in an MSE Enyo and a mate in a MSE Hawk (yes, against all the ASB asshattery happening lately) and we were roaming through nullsec space. We had killed a Retribution and missed a Naga by mere milliseconds and were headed towards the formerly iron north: Branch.

We encountered a Rapier at a gate. Alright, it’s probably not alone, has dozens of Goon friends nearby but it’s not in jumprange but rather 12 klicks off the gate. So we just went for it, started killing its drones etc.

So, we were shooting said Rapier’s drones when a Sabre dropped out of warp some 20k away and instantly started burning for us. We went for the Sabre which then died lovingly fast in four or five volleys while I was entering half shields but unfortunately he had enough time to pop a bubble up leaving us right in midst of it.

After the interdictor was only gleaming scrap metal in outer space we switched back to killing drones, but only for a few seconds as a Hurricane jumped through the gate.

We decided to make a run for it and both managed to burn out of the bubble and warp while more people were pouring onto the battlefield. I burned my MWD on the last cycle so I was a bit dependant on my mate for scouting but we agreed to hug some safespots for a while before we did anything rash.

But in the end we decided to make a go for the gate towards ROIR-Y, the nearest system with public repair services, even tho we hade a Fleet Stabber, Harpy and Rapier towards said gate. We warped there just as they had scanned us down and were warping to us, expecting the worst, and we didn’t leave disappointed: The back side featured some mixed battleships with a Lachesis to fuck up us burning away (read: him burning away, me sitting still) and a bubble for ensuing hilarity when we both were about to be podded. Luckily, my Hawk mate warped and jumped first, so I had the chance to get off the gate without jumping, but unfortunately he got reduced to wreckage himself.

I swiftly plotted another course out of Goon space along an incredibly long pipe and got moving as to not get caught in the aftermath of the camp.

I managed to go a few jumps when I encountered a Cynabal and a Falcon, warping to my incoming gate in a pose of staggering faggotry. They warped after me of course and started chasing me.

Not really troubled by any of them tackling me I jumped into them – I warped via a belt to not get caught in bubbles so they had overtaken me – and was rather fond to see the remote sensor boosting effect being projected on the Cynabal.

“What is wrong with this game?” I thought while getting killed and surrendering my implantless capsule.

But seriously, dafuq? Why?